Bee hotel:
Blue mason bee ♂︎

Last update: 18 April 2020

A male Blue mason bee (Osmia caerulescens) [1] hangs around the bee the lower parts of the bee hotels, sections 3 and 4. He rest often on top of section 3, the upright stemm.

Blue mason bee ♂︎ (Osmia caerulescens)

Every now and then he will fly to the small stemms in the lower part of section 4, to rest and observe the outside world.

Blue mason bee ♂︎ (Osmia caerulescens)

UPDATE 2020/04/11

Fortunately one of my favorite bees, the Blue mason bee has returned this year. This male is inspecting and defending potential nesting locations, in section 2. Despite the is fanatical in chasing away the larger Red mason bees.

The orange-red color of the hairs on the thorax indicates it is a fresh specimen. This is now the second year the garden is visited by the bee and  hopefully this year they will nest in the bee hotel.

Blue mason bee ♂ (Osmia caerulescens)
Blue mason bee ♂ (Osmia caerulescens)


1, "De Nederlandse bijen en hun relaties, overzicht van in Nederland en Vlaanderen voorkomende solitaire en sociale bijen (Apidea s.l.)"

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