New garden species

Andrena barbilabris (Sandpit mining bee)♂︎

Last update: 24 April 2020


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


In spring a number of superfast silver flashes were dashing around Common mallow. They rarely took a break from chasing eachother which made it difficult to get a photograph. When one finally sat down for a moment I managed to quickly snap a phote. Unfortunately its not good but good enough to determine the bees identity: the Sandpit mining bee (Andrena barbilabris) [1,2,3].

It is a male. The species is recognisable from the white hairs and bands on the abdomen [2,3].

It is the first time I’ve observed this species, a new garden species!

Sandpit mining bee ♂︎ (Andrena barbilabris)


Two males are active this year. They are fast and continuously moving. every now and then a break is taken which gives a window of opportunity for taking photo.

They are mostly found flying just above the plant tops and the breaks are often taken on sunny ivy leaves.

Sandpit mining bee ♂︎ (Andrena barbilabris)
Sandpit mining bee ♂︎ (Andrena barbilabris)


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