New garden species

Grey-patched mining bee ♀︎

Last update: 30 November 2019

A female Mining bee species, Andrena nitida [1,2,3] fouragering on Firethorn (Pyracantha spec.).

A first sighting and a new garden species! Unfortunately all rather bad photo’s.

Grey-patched mining bee ♀︎ (Andrena nitida) on Firethorn (Pyracantha spec.)

Like other Mining bees they are regular visitors of the Firethorn plant where they stand out between the Honey bees by their round, compact shape and slow manner of flight.

The firethorn is being used here for nectar at least, possibly also for collecting pollen.

Grey-patched mining bee ♀︎ (Andrena nitida) on Firethorn (Pyracantha spec.)
Grey-patched mining bee ♀︎ (Andrena nitida) on Firethorn (Pyracantha spec.)


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