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Sandpit mining bee ♀︎

Last update: 30 November 2019

In april I’ve photographed this bee that turns out to be the female Sandpit mining bee (Andrena barbilabris).

The I’ve already published earlier today, see here, so it is nice that both sexes of this new garden species are present!

Note: earlier I had determined the species on the photo below as a Vernal colletes. Butthat somehow didn’t feel right and as I was progressing to my Andrena backlog that seemed to be the right family. The key identifier, the cells on the fron wings were not clear enough in the photo. The decisive characteristic are the light accents on the inner eye edge.

Sandpit mining bee ♀︎ (Colletes cunicularius)

In mei ben ik nog een vrouwtje tegen gekomen, ik kan me niet meer herinneren waarom ze op mijn hand zit.

Sandpit mining bee ♀︎ (Andrena barbilabris)
Sandpit mining bee ♀︎ (Andrena barbilabris)
Sandpit mining bee ♀︎ (Andrena barbilabris)
Sandpit mining bee ♀︎ (Andrena barbilabris)


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