‘Parasitaire relaties’ verkenner

A new function has been added to Kerfdier : the ‘Parasitic relations’ browser.

This function provides a graphic representation of the parasitic relations for a selected species. The function is accessible through the ‘Insect’ menu, and offers the option to start with parasites or hosts.

Both options show the orders for which either parasitic relations have been observed in the garden, or for which both the parasite as well as the host are active in the garden.

By selection of a species within an order the parasitic relations are displayed, categorized by Hosts and Parasites when applicable. The current version of the function only shows the species in the relation and by ticking on one of them its relations are shown, etc. In a future update it will be possible to select between either the relation of the species description.


Enjoy exploring, and feedback is always welome!

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