New garden species

Aeshna isoceles (Norfolk hawker)♀︎

Last update: 30 November 2019


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


A nieuw dragon fly species in the garden, the Norfolk hawker (Aeshna isoceles) from the family of Hawkers (Ishnaidae) [1].

Norfolk hawker ♀︎ (Aeshna isoceles)

I didn’t know this species yet so I’m glad with this first sighting in my backyard. The past days the weather was good and warm, and she came zooming overhead regularly and rested in the trees on eye height every now and then.

Norfolk hawker ♀︎ (Aeshna isoceles)

This specimen is a female which is recognizable from the egg-laying apparatus, the small bulge on the underside of the abdomen with the protruding “thorns”. 

Norfolk hawker ♀︎ (Aeshna isoceles)
Vroege glazenmaker ♀︎ (Aeshna isoceles), legapparaat


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