2019 (Krimpen aan den IJssel)

Last update: 7 August 2022

PHOTO REPORT: Krimpen aan den IJssel - 21 April 2019

A minitrip.
In the run upto the Easter weekend I saw a male Orange tip (Anthocharis cardamines) butterfly crossing the road when we were driving into my domicile, one of my favorite butterflies. On Easter Sunday my family and I went for a stroll in this area, Lansingh-Zuid approximately ±1 km away from the garden, which provided me with the opportunity to scout for photo opportunities. During the walk five more males were active.

At the end of the day during the last hour of sun I went back armed with my photographic equipement and found a lone male looking for a place to roost, who was reasonably accessible.

Orange tip ♂︎
(Anthocharis cardamines)
Orange tip ♂︎
(Anthocharis cardamines)

As indicated this is one of my favorite butterflies. The fresh bright white and orange colors contrasting nicely with the backdrop, even when it flies it is very recognisable. The camouflaged undersides of the hindwings finish the design.


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