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Lasioglossum morio (Brassy mining bee)♀︎

Last update: 17 August 2019


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


This nice metallic bee made her way on the beehotel: a female Brassy mining bee (Lasioglossum morio), a bee from the family Sweat bees (Lasioglossum) [1,2].

Brassy mining bee ♀︎ (Lasioglossum morio)

The bee has a metallic green head and thorax. The abdomen is bronze metallic colored and has sideway hairbands on the base of the tergite edges [2].
It is common in the Netherlands but two other green metallic colored species in this genus are rare, being Lasioglossum leucopus and Lasioglossum nitidulum.

The bee is a female which is apart from the groove in the last tergite.

Brassy mining bee ♀︎ (Lasioglossum morio)

It is not exactly clear to me what the bee was looking for, a place to sleep, a nesting place or just something extraordinary. I haven’t been able to find information to shed some light on this, apart for observations of this bee species on the bee hotel.

To be continued…?!


This year there are many Brassy mining bees in juli en augustus, mainly males. They  forage on flowers or rest on walls, plants and regularly on the bee hotel where they visit the holes for this purpose.

Brassy mining bee ♂︎ (Lasioglossum morio)


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