Anthocomus fasciatus

Last update: 2 March 2019


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


During another photoshoot in the garden I encountered this nicely colored beetle, Anthocomus fasciatus [1,2] from the family of  Bloemweekschilden (Melyridae).

Anthocomus fasciatus

It is a common species in the Netherlands [2], that frequently can be found on the windows in the house.
At first it seemed like a first time observing this species, but after digging some more I recognized this beetle. The confusion occured because when spotting this beetle in normal circumstances, ie. without enlargement, the spots just seem orange where they are clearly flamed in these photographs and the green-blue-ish metallic thorax and head stand out more clearly.

….next time take some decent pictures please… 😅

Anthocomus fasciatus


1 Käferfauna Deutschlands

2 Nederlands Soortenregister

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