Aeolothrips ericae (?) ♀︎

Last update: 23 December 2018

My photo backlog contained this insect, a thrips, also known as thunderflies as they are known to swarm on very warm summer days.

Aeolothrips ericae (?) ♀︎

This animal is very small and the photo quality leave something to desire, but since it is my first thrips I’ll allow it 😅.
After some searching I arrive on the family Aeolothrips1, and after deeper digging a possible female Aeolothrips ericae.
A number of important charcteristics do match, among which the color of the first three antennae segments and the light color of the abdomen segment X compared to segments VIII-IX.

Aeolothrips ericae (?) ♀︎
Aeolothrips ericae (?) ♀︎

The lighter colored second abdomen segment seemed to me a distinquishing characteristic as it can be found on most of this species photo’s on the internet, but it is not.

The specimen is a femal as it lacks the graspers on the side of segment IX.

This species is a predator on other thrips larvae but mix their diet with pollen as well. The plant in the pictures is Greater celandine (Chelidonium majus).


1 Thrips of California 2012

2 Nederlands Soortenregister

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