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Ancistrocerus sp.♀︎

Last update: 4 July 2020


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


Another Potter wasp (Ancistrocerus)1 from the backlog.

Ancistrocerus sp. ♀︎

Again it is difficult to say which species based on the photographs as the key detail, the groove underneath the abdomen sternite 2, is not clearly visible from the side and therefore the angle sternite 2 makes is unclear. I suspect Ancistrocerus oviventris based on the potentiall large angle, the black tighs on leg 3 and the black antennae flags.

Ancistrocerus sp. ♀︎

A good visual key to this family can be found on the site of Albert de Wilde2.


1 Peeters, T.M.J., C. van Achterberg, W.R.B. Heitmans, W.F. Klein, V. Lefeber, A.J. van Loon, A.A. Mabelis, H. Nieuwen-huijsen, M. Reemer, J. de Rond, J. Smit, H.H.W. Velthuis, 2004. De wespen en mieren van Nederland (Hymenoptera: Aculeata). – Nederlandse Fauna 6. Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum Naturalis, Leiden, knnv Uitgeverij, Utrecht & European Invertebrate Survey – Nederland, Leiden.

2 Determinaties muurwespen (Ancistrocerus) AHW

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