Bee hotel

Hylaeus communis (Common Yellow Face Bee)♀︎

Last update: 4 January 2019


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


I found this for me unknown insect in my bee hotel photo backlog, and suspected it was a digger wasp species. Which it isn’t… but before I arrived at that conclusion I had already spend a full afternoon wrestling with a diggerwasp key which did not produce correct results… duh! 😂 So brute-force Google it is and voilà … a Masked bee, the Common Yellow Face Bee (Hylaeus communis)[1, 2].

Common Yellow Face Bee ♀︎
(Hylaeus communis)

She nests in bee hotels. This species is quit similar to  Hyaline spatulate-masked bee (Hylaeus hyalinatus) but that species has,among other characteristics, longer cheeks (the line starting from the lower eye to the jaw)1.

Common Yellow Face Bee ♀︎
(Hylaeus communis)



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2 Hans Nieuwenhuijsen, Ivo Raemakers, "Tabel voor de bijen van het genus Hylaeus in Nederland", Nieuwsbrief Sectie Hymenoptera NEV – nr. 29, april 2009

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