Bee hotel

Ancistrocerus nigricornis♀︎

Last update: 28 March 2021


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


I found this nice looking wasp on the bee hotel, it is a female potter wasp Ancistrocerus nigricornis [1].

She was busy building her nest in one of the nest blocks in section II of the bee hotels.

Ancistrocerus nigricornis ♀

After the interior had been prepared she flew off and on with prey caterpillars, with approximately fifteen minute periods. The wasp stuffs a number of five or more caterpillars into each chamber depending on the size of the prey. This pdf on shows a good view on the inside of a nesting chamber on page 313.

Ancistrocerus nigricornis ♀, with caterpillar prey

These wasp create nesting chambers in the tunnels, just as bees do. In a chamber an egg is laid together with a number of prey. In this particular case the wasp flew to and fro to bring balls of clay to the nest.

Ancistrocerus nigricornis ♀, with clay ball

When the cell has sufficient provisions it is closed with mud which the wasp will collect and transport to the nest in balls.

Ancistrocerus nigricornis ♀, with clay ball

After the last chamber is filled up the tunnel is closed.

Ancistrocerus nigricornis ♀, closing nest
Ancistrocerus nigricornis ♀
Ancistrocerus nigricornis ♀


1 Determinaties muurwespen (Ancistrocerus) AHW

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