New garden species

Lagynodes pallidus♀︎

Last update: 15 May 2024


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


My attention was drawn to a minuscule and wingless wasp, roaming around on the leaf surface of Ivy leafs just above ground level. The ±2 millimeter large wasp stood out by its orange-red colour, contrasting with the leaf green.
This parasitic wasp, Lagynodes pallidus [Nederlands Soortenregister], is observed as a secondary parasite on braconid wasps (Braconidae: Apanteles congestus) parasitising butterfly (Lepidoptera: Eurois occulta) larvae [Krzyzynski & Ulrich 2015].
The animal kept endlessly roaming the leaf surface. Possibly she was looking for honeydew droplets to drink like other minuscule wasps do as well., but this was not visible in the photographs. By my action she feel to the ground a couple of time, only to appear some time later again on a different leaf and continue her stride.
Light colored mites seem attached to the abdomen as well as to the left side of its face.

Lagynodes pallidus ♀︎
Lagynodes pallidus ♀︎


Nederlands Soortenregister Nederlands Soortenregister

Krzyzynski & Ulrich 2015 Krzyzynski, M., & Ulrich, W. (2015). Ceraphronidae and Megaspilidae (Hymenoptera: Ceraphronoidea) of Poland: current state of knowledge with corrections to the Polish checklist. Polish Journal of Entomology, 84(3), 191.

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