Auplopus carbonarius♀︎

Auplopus carbonarius

Last update: 11 February 2024


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


Suddenly a spider fell from the apple tree and hit the ground, a sign of possible pompilid hunting activity. And for sure moments later a female Auplopus carbonarius [1] landed on the sand looking for the spider. Once she located her prey, a Buzzing spider (Anyphaena accentuata), she started butchering it by removing all its legs. But not long after finishing this task lost interest in it and took off, leaving her victim.

Auplopus carbonarius ♀︎, with Buzzing spider (Anyphaena accentuata)

The spider did not have long to contemplate her fate, since the next party moved in shortly thereafter. Pulled by Jet ant (Lasius niger) worker she eventually disappeared into the darkness of the ant nest opening a little further away.

Black garden ant ♀︎ (Lasius niger), with Buzzing spider (Anyphaena accentuata)


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