Caliadurgus fasciatellus♀︎

Last update: 21 August 2023


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


This pretty worn down female Caliadurgus fasciatellus was floating in the wheelbarrow filled with water in the garden. It looked like she had drowned already but as I put my finger underneath her she clamped to it in a reflex.

She was clearly suffering from the time spend in the water and couldn’t walk well any more. After drinking some sugar water her condition improved a little and her antennae straightened out again. However her mobility remained a bit clumsy and after a while her antennae started rolling up again. After an hour or so she passed away. I’ve added her to the garden insect collection.

The first photograph clearly shows the angular pronotum profile with which this species can be easily identified.

Tuinspinnendoder ♀︎ (Caliadurgus fasciatellus), imago (angular pronotum!)
Caliadurgus fasciatellus ♀︎, imago
Caliadurgus fasciatellus ♀︎, imago
Caliadurgus fasciatellus ♀︎, imago
Caliadurgus fasciatellus ♀︎, scales on hindleg tibia


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