Spilomena beata ♀︎

Last update: 29 January 2023
COLLECTION: Garden collection Krimpen aan den IJssel

LocationKrimpen aan den IJssel, 2925CK 5
MethodFlew inside house, died after being caught for photo identification
ConditionBroken after fall during photographing, complete
Length2,5 mm
Det.Olger Krischan
Spilomena beata ♀︎, imago
Spilomena beata ♀︎, imago
Spilomena beata ♀︎, imago

After photographing the specimen is overgrown with mould as a result of insufficient precautions during drying. During the recording of the mould the specimen dropped on the floor and broke in three pieces, at the abdomen and the pronotum.

Spilomena beata ♀︎, imago covered in mould


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