Wasp nest!

Crossocerus annulipes♀︎

Picea abies (Garden wood - Spruce)

Last update: 7 September 2022


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


The diggerwasp Crossocerus annulipes [1] is not difficult when it comes to finding a nesting spot. They can be found on all kinds of location as long as there is some soft wood they can tunnel in. They seem to prefer an entrance in the shade or covered in a cavity in the wood.
This female had found a borehole in old wooden fence planks that were used to build a planter from where she started boring here nest horizontally in the plank.

Crossocerus annulipes ♀︎, imago
Crossocerus annulipes ♀︎, imago


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