New garden species

Chyromya femorella / flava♂︎

Last update: 15 May 2022


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


During the testrun of a newly designed diffuser this little fly suddenly appeared low on above the ground on a Ivy leaf. It’s yellow body contrasted nicely with the green leaf. It is a Chyromyidae fly from the genus Chyromya. All species in this group are currently very rare in the Netherlands.

This is a male C. femorella or C. flava. The status in the Netherlands of the latter is currently unclear and the characters to separate the two have not yet been established [2]. Therefore a until this has been sorted out a species collection. A very nice new garden species!

Chyromya femorella / flava ♂︎, imago


1 Nederlands Soortenregister

2 de Bree, E., Belgers, J. D. M., van der Weele, R., & Delfos, A. (2019). Vijf goudoogvliegjes nieuw voor de nederlandse fauna (Diptera: Chyromyidae). Nederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen, 2019(53), 135-142.

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