New garden species

Crossocerus barbipes ♂︎

Last update: 4 May 2022

This diggerwasp already flew a few days around a a sunny Ivy (Hedera helix). I suspected it to be a male as they often appear before the females and it frequently made short stops on specific leaves which it then swiped with it’s abdomen to place a scent flag. The leaves were always located on height of about 150cm or higher.

Crossocerus barbipes ♂︎, imago

I’ve captured it for identification and it turns out to be a male Crossocerus barbipes [1]., a common species in the Netherlands. Unfortunately he escaped during the photo shoot and I could not find him afterwards. Nevertheless a nice new garden species!

Crossocerus barbipes ♂︎, imago
Crossocerus barbipes ♂︎, imago
Crossocerus barbipes ♂︎, imago


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