New garden species

Pemphredon lugubris♀︎♂︎

Last update: 26 September 2021


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


Every year the Cornus sanguinea plant in the garden is inhabited by aphids that can count on the protection of a local colony Jet ants (Lasius fuliginosus). This year Pemphredon lugubris digger wasps appeared for the first time on the bush using it for their courtship.

Pemphredon lugubris ♀︎♂︎ on Cornus sanguinea

The males were flying excitingly through the bush every now and then landing on a leaf or twig for a short brake. During the break they would frequently follow the leaf nerve at the underside or the twig towards the ants. A solitary ant, either sought out or encountered, would be pursued until they could almost touch it or the ant would turn, which was their queue to fly away.

Pemphredon lugubris ♂︎

Two to three males were active continuously. Females landing on the plant were immediately approached by them. Mating of this pair, the female is in the lower position, took 22 seconds.

Pemphredon lugubris ♀︎♂︎

I’ve been able to catch a male for identification.


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