Crossocerus annulipes♀︎

Last update: 4 July 2021


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


One particular group of old wood blocks functions well as nest location for digger wasps. I observed two separate wasps entering the block on two different locations and it turned out they were nest building Crossocerus annulipes [1].

Crossocerus annulipes ♀︎, nest locations

The entrance to nest 1 was located in a hole at the underside of the block. To enter it the wasp would land in front of it and walk in.

Crossocerus annulipes ♀︎
Crossocerus annulipes ♀︎, with Cicadellidae prey
Crossocerus annulipes ♀︎, with Cicadellidae prey

Apparently there is more than enough prey present in the garden as the wasp flew off and on with an interval of about 2 minutes, bringing home cicadellidae. She stayed in the nest for 1-3 minutes before starting the next hunt.The prey is transported belly to belly and held in position using the middle and hind legs.

The entrance to nest 2 was located in a crack about a centimetre above ground. The wasp would land on the wood just below it and crawl in.

Crossocerus annulipes ♀︎, nest
Crossocerus annulipes ♀︎, nest


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