Phlogophora meticulosa (Angle shades)

Malva sylvestris (Common mallow)

Last update: 9 June 2021


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


I found this overwinterer, an Angle shades (Phlogophora meticulosa) [1] caterpillar, on Common mallow (Malva sylvestris) but it did not seem the caterpillar had eaten from the plant.

Angle shades (Phlogophora meticulosa)
Angle shades (Phlogophora meticulosa)

However, in the following days the caterpillar could be seen on a different leaf and the surrounding leafs had clearly been eaten. The larva clear grew and I found turds, which can be seen on the photo below.
Common mallow is a host plant after all.

Angle shades (Phlogophora meticulosa) on Common mallow (Malva sylvestris)


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