New garden species

Gelis spurius♀︎

Last update: 10 March 2021


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


Now that I’m aware of the existence of the Gelis wesp, see here, all ants in the garden are suspects. Scanning the ground for early insects awakening after the winter I notice a very small ‘ant’ crawling on a stone wall. And for sure it has an ovipositor. It manages to escape in a gap between the stones. With the sucker still ready in position but without hope she will appear again I give up after 20 minutes. At that moment a larger ‘ant’ comes crawling up a leaf behind the wall and it is immediately clear to me it is a Gelis. The sucker doesn’t fail so the identification process can start.

It turns out to be a female Gelis spurius [1,2] (confirmation Paul Hoekstra), a common species.

Gelis spurius ♀︎
Gelis spurius ♀︎


1 Nederlands Soortenregister

2 SCHWARZ, Martin. Revision der westpaläarktischen Arten der Gattungen Gelis Thunberg mit apteren Weibchen und Thaumatogelis Schwarz (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae). Teil 3. na, 2002.

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