Sehirus luctuosus (Forget-me-not shieldbug)

Last update: 2 January 2021


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


This burrower bug is present in large numbersin the garden. It probably is the Forget-me-not shieldbug (Sehirus luctuosus) [1].

This species cannot be differentiated from Sehirus morio, based on photographic material, but only by comparing sizes; S. luctuosus is smaller [2].
S. morio does not seem to occur in this part of the Netherlands [2,3]. I will measure some of the specimen to be conclusive.

Forgot-me-not shieldbug (Sehirus cf. luctuosus)
Forgot-me-not shieldbug (Sehirus cf. luctuosus)


1 Nederlands Soortenregister

2 Aukema, B., Th. Heijerman & V.J. Kalkman 2016. Veldgids wantsen deel 1. – EIS Kennis­ centrum Insecten, Leiden.


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