Holly blue ♀︎
-Medicago sativa-

Last update: 25 November 2020

The same Holly blue (Celastrina argiolus) [1] female that shortly before had deposited her eggs on Common ragwort (Jacobaea vulgaris), see here.

After depositing her egg on Common ragwort she flew to the Lucerne (Medicago sativa) plant next to it and deposited another three eggs, each on a different bunch of developing flower butts.

Holly blue ♀︎ (Celastrina argiolus), ovipositioning on Lucerne (Medicago sativa)
Holly blue ♀︎ (Celastrina argiolus), egg on Lucerne (Medicago sativa)

Between laying eggs she found moments to drink some nectar.

Holly blue ♀︎ (Celastrina argiolus) on Lucerne (Medicago sativa)


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