New garden species

Omalus aeneus♀︎

Last update: 2 January 2020


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


This small cuckoo wasp Omalus aeneus [1,2] was frolicking around in the sunlight on this warm day.

It attracted attention with it’s green metallic sparkling shiny body. Baed on the entire green colored body it is a female, males have a black dorsal side [2].

Again a new species that I hadn’t seen before, a new garden species.

Omalus aeneus
Omalus aeneus
Omalus aeneus

Omalus aeneus, Krimpen a/d IJssel (NL)


1 Nederlands Soortenregister

2 PAUKKUNEN, Juho, et al. An illustrated key to the cuckoo wasps (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) of the Nordic and Baltic countries, with description of a new species. ZooKeys, 2015, 548: 1.

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