New garden species

Symmorphus crassicornis♀︎

Last update: 5 February 2021


LOCATION: Krimpen aan den IJssel, garden


I spotted this small wasp on the fence where it was scraping layers of wood for her nest, so it was a female. It is a special species: Symmorphus crassicornis [1,2,3]. This is a rare species in the Netherlands.

She scraped the top layer from the fence, I assume because it is most weathered therefor softer and easier for her to use. She rolled the scraped material into a ball while scraping. When she had collected enough she flew away out of the garden, so unfortunately her nest was somewhere else. Everytime she returned she started scraping on a different position.

I had not seen this species before, a new garden species!

A very beautiful wasp with all those yellow accents.

Symmorphus crassicornis ♀︎
Symmorphus crassicornis ♀︎
Symmorphus crassicornis ♀︎
Symmorphus crassicornis ♀︎


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