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European beewolf ♀︎
-Honey bee-

Last update: 30 December 2019

European beewolf
Philanthus triangulum


A new visiter hunting in the garden: a female European beewolf (Philanthus triangulum) [1] with a freshly captured Honey bee.

This stricking large, yellow digger wasp was actively hunting for Honey bees foraging on Hemp Agrimony.

European beewolf ♀︎ (Philanthus triangulum) with captured Honey bee (Apis melifera)

I’ve described her hunting method in the species post, see related posts at the bottom.

Two weeks later I found her what appeared sitting in the Hemp Agrimony but it turned out she was dead.

I’ve added her to the garden insect collection, here.

European beewolf ♀︎ (Philanthus triangulum), dead


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